Search for the graves

In November 2008 I contacted a Dutch journalist in Lebanon and asked for her help regarding the possible grave of those buried.
Also at the Lebanese end this proves to be an unsurmountable quest.
She was sent from Hospitals to Ministries to police departments to fire brigades and backwards if she wanted to know which institution was to have any such information.
The hospitals at first denied ever having the bodies. After presenting them with an autopsy report signed by the responsible doctors of the hospital, they now claim not to remember anything and that any archive was lost or burned during the civil war.

No one is willing to tell where a burial place might be. A doctor said: "no one would want you to start digging. If you start, thousands of Lebanese relatives of persons who went missing during the civil war would want to start digging.
The Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs states in its answer to my request for help that any information on the graves is with the military in Lebanon and that they are not willing to disclose any information on burial places nor help with the identification.
The Hungarian government, in its reaction in December 2008 to a Dutch reporter states that they "were never officially notified about the 37 remains retrieved from the sea" and know nothing. This is quite remarkable considering that the investigation team that went to Beirut the next day after the crash comprised two Hungarians, one of which from the Malev itself, and having the autopsy report, how can one not be 'officially' notified about the retrieval?
Also remarkable, the Hungarian government informs us that at the time the Hungarian relatives were pressured not to ask any questions.
Again remarkable, why is it that the Minister of Civilian Security in his letter to a member of parliament mentions the fact that an investigation has taken place in 2003 that produced two "top secret" reports and that these are to remain '"top secret"? If we are dealing with an ordinary civil flight which accidently crashed, why such a secrecy, even after thirty years?
I was more than willing to beleive that the crash was an accident, but what I am to beleive after these reactions?

In any event, the search is going on as I and other relatives don't care about any 'politics' in relation to the burial place of the remains of the relatives. If not out of respect for the deceased, at least the relatives deserve a more human approach.