Search for the KLM crew

When the Malev started its descent, by coïncidence a KLM aircraft (KL845) was waiting on the tarmac, ready to leave. However, as the Malev plunded into the Mediterranean, the take-off was delayed and only appr. an hour and a half later did the KLM pursue its flight.
The KL845 was normally flying the Amsterdam-Australia route and would have refuelled in Cairo. However, due to a sandstorm, it was decided to do so in Beirut.
Usually the cockpit crew hears the conversations between the tower and the pilots. I am therefore looking for the crew of that KLM or get in touch with people to whom they might have told something.
Perhaps they have not seen nor heard anything, but also this information would shed more light on what happened.
Thank you in advance for any information you might have. Please mail me at